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Personal Development Coaching

& Negotiation Training

Are you facing new professional or personal challenges? Possible solutions don't feel right or you can't get up to tackle them? Are you facing unsolvable decisions or difficult negotiations?

I offer new perspectives to master and solve professional and private challenges. 

To overcome their challenges I accompany people, groups and organisations. The world around us is constantly changing and we are subject to these permanent changes subsequently. I offer you my knowledge and my skills to support you in finding your own solutions. I help you to find new perspectives to make better use of your own abilities and to achieve your personal or professional goals.


I help you to approach your tasks and to live with more ease and enthusiasm, to approach people and situations openly, to evaluate situations positively and to use the opportunities they offer you. See the world (again) with different eyes and get your Personal Development Coaching.

Rene Winkler - Personal Development Coaching
Enlighten Yourself

The focus of my work in the context of the coaching process is "personal change management" - both, for professional development in business coaching and for personal development in life coaching.

This includes topics such as the comparison of self-image and the image mirrored by others, self-regulation, controlling and coping with changes, working on one's own presence, or dealing with conflicts.

In an initial meeting, we can jointly find out whether I am the right contact person for your own topics or those of your managers and employees.

Strengthen Yourself

In the course of my long-term role as a leader, both in DAX30 firms, as well as small size companies, I have intensively dealt with so called "Soft Skills" such as Negotiation or Communication Skills..


The trainings developed and offered are suitable for single persons as well as groups. Here, I provide my knowledge and experience to my clients to enable them to professionally and successfully negotiate even in difficult situations. They reflect their now knowledge and grow beyond their capabilities.

Connect yourself

Benefit from my network of people who are active in management positions or as coaches or trainers and can help you with your concerns beyond my offer.


Each of your topics deserves the best possible contact person and just as there is the most suitable tool for each task, I can help you with my network of a large circle of specialists and contacts. Even if there is someone in your region who can make you an equivalent offer, but who is geographically closer to you.

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