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Coaching for Companies

Target Group


  • Companies that want to make their managers fit for their tasks beyond technical requirements

  • Companies that want to promote their employees in order to be able to take on current or future management functions

  • Freelancers and self-employed people who want to work on their personal development in addition to their technical expertise

  • Small and medium-sized companies that are thinking about managing corporate succession

René Winkler - Personal Development Coaching

Your profit through coaching


  • Maintaining and increasing the performance and resilience of your managers

  • Improving the leadership skills of your managerial staff

  • Optimal preparation of prospective executives for their work in management positions

  • Improving self-perception and others' perception when interacting with customers, clients or employees

  • Recognizing your own strengths and competencies as well as improving them

  • Support for employees and executives in the context of new placements or organizational changes in the company (organization and change management)

  • Establishing a mindfulness mind-set to your leaders and employees to seed and grow it within your company


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