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COACHING - Personal Development Coaching

"The term coaching is used as a collective term for different consulting methods (individual coaching, team coaching, project coaching, trainings, even mentoring). In contrast to classic consulting, no direct solution proposals are provided by the coach, but the development of your own solutions is accompanied. Coaching refers to structured discussions between one coach and one Coachee (clients) e.g. on questions of everyday professional life (leadership, communication and cooperation) The goals of these conversations range from the assessment and development of personal skills and perspectives to suggestions for self-reflection and overcoming conflicts with employees, colleagues or superiors. The coach acts as a neutral, critical interlocutor and, depending on the objective, uses methods from the entire spectrum of personnel and managerial development. "


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In modern personnel development, the constantly changing requirements have made it necessary not only to enable managers and employees to further develop their specialist knowledge, but also to convey better knowledge of their own personality. Whether regular line work or project business - the success is largely independent on technical competence but depends on the interaction between the people involved. Misunderstandings and difficulties in communication, often also the ignorance of the effect one's own personality has on others, the inadequate understanding of self and external image lead to the fact that the desired results are not achieved. Despite all professional competence, projects are delayed or even fail.


In particular, individual coaching helps people to get to know their personality traits better, to perceive them even in stressful situations and to work on achieving measurable changes in their own impact and approach.


Being a manager myself, I offer individual coaching for your managers and employees, individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the coachee.

Competitive and professional sport is unthinkable without a coach. High performance is also demanded in professional life and yet people rarely think about getting a sparring partner to reflect on themselves and their own performance, about the goals they have set, their attainability, meaningfulness or the way to get there and to take a look from the outside.


As a coach, I am at your side with my knowledge and experience and accompany you with your concerns. First and foremost, I offer you space and time to work on your topics, understanding and an open ear, also methods and tools, but above all an undisguised view on yourself, confronting you with challenging questions that will help you to develop your own personality in order to be better able to face current and future challenges


Coaching is not synonymous with therapy. Coaching is not about selling you solutions that are successful for others. Coaching is not about sculpting you the way you should be for others.  Coaching is not training. Coaching is different. Coaching is individual. Coaching is Personal Development. Coaching is for YOU.

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