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Coaches and Trainers



During my professional development and in the course of my career as a coach, I met people who are not only specialists in their field, but who, in addition to their expertise, I particularly value personally.


If you are looking for support, but I may not be able to help you thematically or for scheduling reasons? Coach and coachees have to match each other in many aspects, in order to be able to work together optimally. Your own history and professional background play a major role in a promising cooperation.

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In the following selection of my list of contacts, you may find what you are looking for to find the right contact person for your concern. Use the opportunity to find new contacts for your topics and thus the right sparring partner at your side.

Dietz & Partner, trainings, seminars, coaching (PLZ82 Feldafing):


We are a network of experienced trainers and consultants. Our training courses "Emotional Intelligence", "Mindfulness in Management", "Self-Leadership in Change", "Psychological Conflict Management" and a number of others, as well as the coaching training "Psychology of Change" are the results of this collaboration. We combine psychotherapeutic methods with goal-oriented, systematic procedures.

Our quality standard includes at least one psychotherapeutic training and many years of experience with personal development processes. With our own experience in management, sales and personnel development, we ensure that our concepts are practical and can be implemented in everyday business.

John Ireland, Coaching, Consulting, Training (PLZ86 Dießen):


Coaching: I see coaching as a very effective intervention for personal development, as the process and the content are precisely tailored to your situation, needs and personality.

Consulting: I support companies in developing the leadership culture in order to achieve the vision, strategy and goals in the best possible way and to live the values ​​that are important for the organization.

Training : I and our team of experienced trainers offer you a wide range of topics and programs related to leadership.

Manfred Stettner, Between2Jobs, Coaching, Consulting, HR Consulting (PLZ81 Munich):


In my work as a coach and consultant, I bring the ability to analyze and structure situations and facts, especially when they initially seem complex and confusing. This is often an essential step towards clarification. For the soft side of coaching, ie the perception of moods, sensations and relevant aspects that do not immediately come to the fore, I have a keen sense that was trained in several trainings.

Mico Pütz, Managing Partner YoungDigitals, Coach (PLZ10 Berlin):


We are 'hybrid consulting': IT professionals and coaches. With extensive experience from complex digital projects. Our most important tools: fun, empathy and care. # Customer proximity # experimentation # agility # software competence

# Leadership culture

Nicole Kaufmann, owner and trainer, School Dynamics (PLZ36 Petersberg)


New and experienced works councils - in need for a works council seminar ?! In the role of works council, you represent the interests of colleagues vis-à-vis the employer and are the mouthpiece of the workforce. In our seminars you will get an overview of the rights and obligations as a works council member. You can expand and deepen your knowledge!

Offer: Works council basic seminars, labor law seminars, BRPlus seminars, PC & EDV seminars, JAV seminars, data protection seminars, business seminars, rhetoric and communication seminars , occupational health and safety seminars and representatives for the severely disabled.

Johannes Wördemann, trainer, speaker, coach (PLZ76530 Baden-Baden)


Voice: Presence: Personality

I work in a wide variety of rooms: in darkened and soundproof radio and dubbing studios, in light-flooded conference rooms in hotels, on theater stages in dazzling spotlights, in quiet and confidential rooms in individual coaching.

Always there: my enthusiasm for voice, presence and personality. As a trainer, coach and speaker.

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