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As part of the training I offer for groups or individuals to pass on my knowledge and experience in order to give my clients the best tools beyond their professional expertise. Thus they can reflect and improve their own skills in these areas. I teach methodological skills and discover, improve and train the soft skills of my seminar participants.

René Winkler - Personal Development Coaching

Being successful more than 25 years in the financial industry, I have received countless seminars and training courses myself. However, nothing has remained so memorable to me and has helped me so much in business and private situations as my advanced training in negotiation.


If you deal intensively with the topic of negotiation, you cannot avoid methodical approaches. Even more important, however, are one's own attitude towards negotiating, towards the negotiating partner and awareness of one's own psyche.


Feel free to contact me for details on the advanced training I offer on the subject of negotiation.

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