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About Me - My own Personal Development

Born in 1974, I completed my training as a banker in the mid-1990s and worked for a large German private bank, first in the retail sector and later in the securities business for institutional clients. When I joined Deutsche Börse Group in 2004 and later became a member of the High Potential Circle, my development as an executive in the banking, stock exchange and financial services sector began. Business brought me to work in Chicago, London, Zurich and Luxembourg. 


Until 2016 I was Managing Director of Eurex Repo, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse AG, and since then I have been Director of a management consulting company, specializing in the implementation of banking and stock exchange systems and their processes. In my professional career, I have had to deal with a wide variety of people, the most diverse tasks and challenging situations. Be it as a manager in international corporations, working in projects, small and medium-sized companies or subsidiaries, as a negotiator with customers and business partners in difficult situations or as the responsible managing director for a company that grew out of a start-up situation with later on several million Euro turnover and profit.

René Winkler - Personal Development Coaching
Monty - Hungarian Vizsla, Magyar Vizsla

Privately, I like to spend my time with friends, have been exercising intensively for many years, have finished several Ironman long distances, travel, like to take pictures and with my dog "Monty", a Magyar Vizsla, I have a sporty companion and animal friend. 

After more than ten years of working for the stock exchange and my entry into management consulting, I decided, in addition to my professional activities, to complete training as a certified coach for personal development at Dietz & Partner in Feldafing (training recognized by the German Federal Association Coaching - DBVC). During my time at Deutsche Börse Group, I myself benefited from many excellent further courses, whether in the context of seminars for managers or personal coaching, and learned to appreciate their value for my personal and professional development.


As a certified coach, I now accompany individuals or groups, managers and employees at different levels and in different industries in successfully finding their very own solution. Through my network I hold seminars as a trainer for negotiation and communication. As a bridge to my work as a management consultant, I am currently striving to become a change manager.

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