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René Winkler - Personal Development Coaching

Trust - The foundation of every relationship, personal or business-driven. In coaching in particular, trust is the basis for collaboration - working together. Coaching and often also training deals with very personal concerns or business secrets, which is why a trusting cooperation is more than essential for the success of your further development, being it personal or business-driven.


Openness - If there is trust as the basis for mutual cooperation, your concerns and also the possible underlying causes, experiences or fears can be openly discussed in a safe environment in order to help you to achieve your goals.


Clarity - You book coaching and training courses with the aim of developing yourself further, making better use of your potential or even increasing it. For this, besides high regards, you can expect directness and clear words from me. I will challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone. We will work on your topics until you have the necessary clarity about yourself, on your personality as well as the reasons for your current situation. So we can jointly  work on ways out of it to strive for your personal excellence.

Appreciation - I am interested in you as a person, in your life, your views, your values. My respect for you is independent of performance or ability. As a coach, I focus on you, take care of personal drivers and support you in getting to know yourself better and developing yourself as a personality.


Success - is always personal. May be that one person always aims at standing on Top, while others "solely" focussing on arrival. I would like to work out with you on how you can better perceive and appreciate your own previous successes, what constitutes success for you and how you can define goals for yourself in such a way that they are achievable, valuable and therefore a real success.

Mindfulness - Through awareness and acceptance of what is happening in and around you. Do not reel off your habits and long-serving patterns of thought and action without being aware of them. Learn to become aware of your automatisms.


Fun - Whatever you do as a mere duty - the success becomes only half as well as if you had fun while doing it. May the reasons and concerns for coaching or training be serious, I would like to motivate you to approach them with fun and enthusiasm, to be curious about yourself. Under no circumstances avoid laughing ...

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