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Coaching for Individuals

Target Group


  • People in management and leadership positions

  • Freelancers and self-employed

  • People who face professional challenges

  • People in personal upheaval situations

Your profit through coaching


  • With my support, you will develop new perspectives and find solutions for your current issues

  • By jointly researching your personality, you will gain clarity about their background and facets of your own self

René Winkler - Personal Development Coaching
  • You will learn more about your own strengths and competencies and how to better use and expand them

  • You learn to face yourself and others emphatically and authentically

  • With more clarity and relaxation, you improve your leadership skills

  • You will receive the tools for future challenges and the optimization of your professional development skills

  • You will find a constructive way of dealing with defeats and crises

  • Maintain and increase your performance

  • Develop pleasure and joy in what you do

  • Learn a "routine" of mindfulness for your professional performance and your personal well-being

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