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Life coaching


The focus of my support in the context of a coaching process is "personal change management", both for professional and life coaching.

In life coaching, this includes topics such as self-image vs. External image, self-regulation, coping with and controlling changes, working on one's own presence, as well as dealing with conflicts.

The basis for working on oneself is the knowledge of one's own imprints and automatisms

I will help you to understand yourself better:


• What are your purpose and your motivation, what are your values?

• What relationships do you maintain, in everyday life, at work, privately - what does that say about you?

• What interdependencies are there in your life and how are you influenced by them?

• What patterns and automatisms do you have, how do they help you and how do they hinder you?

So that you can achieve your goals:

• To increase one's own presence and effectiveness through focus and mindfulness

• Your own intentions to actively control your own determination

• Create clarity and learn foresight

• Actively shaping changes and bringing sustainability to the changed life situation

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